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Harvey's Mazie isn't an Archie comic


As user Irek commented 9 years ago about Mazie #26:
"Um, so Page 5 is part of a Betty and Veronica text story?" (note that it's incomplete).
The scan looks like it was a pile of separated pages, and it looks like an Archie text page (scan 5) was inserted (and some other page omitted, since the scan total is 36). Also, look at the scan-6 ad (which was probably the flip side): the "dept" in the seller's address is AC-3 -- for Archie Comics???
Advertisers often use the "dept" field to indicate which comic a buyer was responding to.

I can confirm that the 2 pages in question are actually from Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #26 (I realize this is not a public domain comic, but I thought it was worth mentioning here). Also, did anyone else notice that the DeLUXE PHOTO SERVICE ad on the incorrect page 6 is the same ad that is on the correct page 4?

Thanks guys.
I've tweaked the listing and quoted your finds.

(re the 2 versions of the ad) with, of course, a different "dept" number


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