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.cbr fail


my cbrs and cbzs wouln't open. I uninstalled and installed. Now not only won't they open, but the word balloon icons have been replaced with the symbol for setup for cbr or the blank sheet of paper symbol. File extensions still say .cbr or cbz but still won't open.

hi Kevin,
Sorry about your troubles.  Have you tried the old 'turn the machine off and on again' trick?
You've not given us much to go on beyond it wont work and you reinstalled something on your machine.


Turned it off and on a dozen times at least. Reinstalled CB Reader from CNET several times. When I originally clicked on a file I only got a black cbr page in the taskbar, nothing on screen. After reinstalling if I click on a cbr it beings up a setup for cbr, which is already installed and set up; when I click on a cbz I get a blank page and a message to find an app at Microsoft store. When I click that it again asks me to set up CB reader.

Captain DJ:
Sounds like your file extension association has somehow became associated with the wrong software.

To try and fix this:
Right click on any .CBR/.CBZ file and select "Open with" and then "Choose another program".
In the list look for your Comic Book reader. If you can see it select the software and tick "Always use this app to open xxx files"

If your reader is not in the list please select more apps and if still you are still unable to find it select "Look for another app on this computer". This will allow you to browse your computers hard drive for the .exe to run the files. This will likely be in C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\. Depending on what reader you are using, depends what folder it would be installed under. After finding the software make sure you tick the box that says always use this app to open cbr/cbz files as otherwise you will need to do this every time you open a cbr/cbz file.

If you are unsure how to do the above please post back with name of the reader you are using or ULR you downloaded it from plus what Operating System you are using i.e Windows 10, MacOS etc and I will try to send you a basic guide.


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