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Seeking Vintage Art, Cartooning or Illustration Instruction PDFs

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The Ghost Man:

Greetings and Happy New Year to all,
            I'm just reaching out to the DCM community here to request any vintage art, cartooning or illustration instructional books or media that are available as PDFs or JPG's that I can turn into PDFs. For those who may not know, I host a blogsite called The Vintage Inkwell Academy (TVIA) at that offers free traditional art training resources for artists, writers and vintage content producers. I currently have nearly 100 rare or otherwise exceptional instructional PDF's in the TVIA Library and am always scouting for more to keep building a fully comprehensive library.

My goal is to curate as many of these vanishing educational resources as I can find and make them available free of cost to all with zero strings attached. I personally use them in my artistic training and can verify that these are the genuine article that produce tangible results. I add more as I locate them and have 8 new ones I just discovered that I'm uploading this weekend. I check each one for visual quality and instructional value to ensure I'm hosting the best resources to create the best artistic content creators.

So please share any of these vintage books you may have that have been digitised into PDF's. I would be most appreciative and would be happy to give credit for the share if the donor requests it, or write a simple exceptional gratitude to those who prefer anonymity.

Thank you sincerely in advance for both your attention and support.

Sounds good GM.
Are you on Facebook?


The Ghost Man:
Greetings Yoc, sorry no I'm not on FB, Twitter nor Instagram. Just a personal preference as I'm not a fan of their egregiously  intrusive personal data harvesting business model.

Oh I agree.  DCM has an account I use for updates.
I've seen the odd thing there that might fit your Inkwell project.
I'll just share them here when they come up.


The Ghost Man:
Much obliged and many thanks Yoc. You're top shelf in my book friend.


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