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25 New and All Free Vintage Art Books just added to TVIA Library!


The Ghost Man:
Greetings all, thanks to a great and mysterious benefactor, I've added 25 new vintage art instruction books to The Vintage Inkwell Academy (TVIA) Library. These classic tomes are filled with extremely rare and valuable teachings and knowledge to help you become the very best artist possible. You have questions that have plagued and confused you during your art training regimen? Then seek no more, I assure you the answer will can be discovered in one of the nearly one hundred books currently available in the TVIA Library. You want the edge up on your peer artists then go to the Library and uncover it's secrets to hone your skills. It matters not your skill level as I have curated the books there to accommodate anyone, from student to professional artist.

Welcome back and CONGRATS on your new additions GM!


The Ghost Man:
Thanks Yoc, hope all is well.


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