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The Vintage Inkwell Academy is back Online!


The Ghost Man:
Greetings all, it is with ecstatic news I report to you that The Vintage Inkwell Academy is back online. After much travails with the hosting company after a failed attempt to move to CloudFlare the site was down for 3 days. To this I submit my apologies as this interruption was most undesired and unexpected.

Glad you are finished with hassle GM.

Hi GM,
I'm guessing you might have seen these guys already but just in case...

The Ghost Man:
Cheers for the link Yoc, I'll check them out and add the link to TVIA's new site. I'm always interested in creators and educators pursuing traditional comic production training. Right now, I'm adding all new items to the brand new TVIA site that I'm working hard to get finished. There's so may moving parts to take care of in its infrastructure establishment, and I'm doing it in my free time after full employer work. People's patience will be richly rewarded once the new TVIA Grand Opening commences.


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