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Brand New Post & Changes at The Vintage Inkwell Academy

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The Ghost Man:
Greetings all, I just made great new changes to The Vintage Inkwell Academy, kicking it all off with with a brand new post entitled "Let's Get At It!". The site is now much more mobile device friendly and I added some really great new digitized vintage art instruction books in the Library section. Everything's clean and orderly and easy to find.
Stop on by:

Thanks GM.
It's looking very good there.

BTW, I just noticed a problem in your 'Brass tacks'.  In the 'Brushes' section you say "there is [NO] hard rule and you should try whatever suits your needs artistically."   I think you want to add the 'no' I have in brackets above.

Keep up your great work on this!

The Ghost Man:
Hi Yoc, good catch and much appreciation for letting me know. I just made the change on the post. Thanks for stopping by and giving the site the once over. Stay safe out there!

My pleasure GM.

I've also given the site a plug on the DCM Facebook page.  I hope it helps.


The Ghost Man:
Wow, that's terrific! I know you wouldn't have done that unless you thought the site was of some merit. Very much obliged Yoc.


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