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Golden-Age Comic Book Scripts Wanted

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Thanks very much GM!
That was a very generous donation you just made!

Are you on Facebook at all?  There might be some people and groups that could help with the site.

Stay well,

The Ghost Man:
Yoc, you're very welcome! I don't have a FB account or presence, not due to laziness, I just avoid them and Twitter. However The Vintage Inkwell Academy site is on Reddit and to a larger degree on Pinterest. I sincerely appreciate all of the interest and assistance you've personally and graciously offered. You were absolutely correct about my site being a micro-niche of a Golden-Age niche which I don't believe younger people (to their detriment) are even interested in.

If DCM also offered advertising like the sister site Comic Book Plus, I would definitely invest in running an advert here which I think might gain attention from people who truly care about this medium. If you guys ever decide to construct something like that, I'm happy to be first in line.
By the by, your remaining monthly coffer balance kept bothering me, so I just paid off all the remaining balance. Happy September to all.

Hi GM,
Thanks very much for covering almost half our monthly sever bill for August!   ;D ;D
Any further donations will help cover those months we fall short like we did in September.

I know what you mean about avoiding social media.  I've never used Reddit or Pinterest.  I'm only on Facebook because DCM has a FB page but I have met some nice fellow collectors.  A couple have even contributed comics to the collection.

There's a private FB page run by Robert Beerbohm called 'Platinum Era Comic Books & Periodicals' that might be a resource for fellow Victoria era fans and information.  They might have a presence on Reddit or Pinterest if you check.

Another possible source for info is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable comic scholars Ken Quattro.  I've even pointed him to your TVIA site.  Ken has his own very interesting site here:

I just gave TVIA site a plug on the DCM FB page as well as in our Discord chatroom.  :)

Hang in there and stay healthy,

Hey, I just found a link to something that might be very helpful.
Cartoons Magazine - which ran for a long time!

If it really speaks to you Craig Yoe is selling off some of his collection of the magazine.  No clue on what he's asking for them.


The Ghost Man:
Wow Yoc, great links! ;D I checked out Ken's site and really liked what he has going there, I've read his most recent post and will continue through them all this week. Craig Yoe is top shelf and his contributions have greatly added to the hidden knowledge base. I'm personally chomping at the bit to get my hands on his soon to be published 'Drawing and Life Lessons from Master Cartoonists' due out this November. It contains a diverse array of vintage Cartooning greats, teaching you from old courses beginning and advanced lessons on how to draw and write comics! I'm also scouring heaven and earth to no avail, trying to locate a copy of the book 'Mail-Order Geniuses' which reprints the famous W.L. Evans Cartooning courses from the Platinum Age. I have the vintage Landon Cartooning course which I'm currently going through my art training with.

I went to the link you shared on the Cartoons Magazine and found exceptional and very helpful content there. Sincere thanks for the great links, plugs and your grand supportive generosity.


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