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Golden-Age Comic Book Scripts Wanted

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I should check; I've got  a couple issues of Cartoons Magazine, although one is coverless.  If they're not scanned maybe I can look for some hints on scanning pulps...

I'm indexing issues of the Saturday Evening Post at the GCD and a few issues might be of interest to you.

John T. McCutcheon wrote some articles on cartooning (some of the articles ramble a bit, so you might have to edit them down a bit). Hopefully you can find some info to use.

May 30, 1903 Humorists of the Pencil

February 6, 1904 Tales of a Cartoonist

October 29, 1904 The Cartoon and the Campaign

May 20, 1905 The Cartoon Prophet

March 13, 1909 Roosevelt as Cartoon Material

Happy to help GM.

Thanks for chiming in guys.  I'd not heard of the 'Cartoons' magazine before this.
There's another long running magazine called 'Print' that if you could find them would cover a lot of material on printing, etc from 1940 to 2017 when it went to online issues only.  I recall M. C. Gaines writes about making a Wonder Woman story in an old issue.  It's been scanned IIRC.  Just need to track it down again.
Reading the Wiki for 'Print Magazine' it mentions merging with 'The Printing Art'.  That's a new title to me.  A Google of it says it started back on 1905.  I also see issues of it are being shared online on the AMAZING HathiTrust Digital Library site.  Home to 1000s of magazine scans of many, many different titles!  'Printing Art' can be found there at this link:
I suspect the suggestions on the right side of the page should keep you very busy for a loooong time.
Another link of general interest is this one I just heard about in that Platinum Age FB group I mentioned:
Visualizations - American Magazine Circulations graphs.

It does list some comic publications in the list of titles included:

If I find anything more I'll keep updating in this topic.


The Ghost Man:
Thanks Yoc, I well appreciate your efforts in passing these along. I examined the links and want to remark on a disturbing and angering recent trend I'm experiencing in digital book archiving. As you know, there are a great many excellent books who've legitimately entered the public domain and now entities like Google and the Hathi Trust are digitising and then walling off download access to these volumes to the general public. In the Hathi Trust's case, they make it a pre-requisite that you must belong to an affiliated institution to be able to download books in their entirety. Amazon is also pulling a rubbish stunt by taking digitised books in the public domain and then selling very poorly reproduced printed versions on their site. who are co-opted by Google, are pulling a stunt where they take public domain books and then wall them off and make them available ONLY accessible as library loans that cannot be downloaded.

This is a reason I have curated any art instructional books I find of value and upload them to The Vintage Inkwell Academy completely gratis. Knowledge should not be in chains and restricted by trash entities with control fixations.

Hi GM,
Yep, I feel your frustration.  I wasn't aware it was this bad.
Thank-you again for all your work trying to keep this info free to the general public like this.

Hang in there,


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