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Hi Everyone,

For those who don't know, my real name is Robert Kennedy. That was a real pain in the tail-bone from Junior High School, and onward for fifty years. That is why my DCM user name is Erwin-k.

I write professionally as Erwin K. Roberts. I have about fifteen listings on Amazon. Most are contributions to anthologies, but, a few I've written entirely.

A few of you may remember the website I had over twenty stories in the on-line Pulp Magazines there. The site's owner died. The site is gone, and the Internet Archive has only fragments saved. That is one of the reasons I have, finally, opened

The site is still a bit rough around the edges. I launched it with three stories. I have just added a forth. I plan to add about one a month. Here are the listings:

Excerpt from Dr. Watson's American Adventure.  Sherlock Holmes is believed dead. Watson and his wife arrive in New York City. Trouble finds them. Backing Watson up is Theadore Roosevelt.

Blue Hawk Goes To Town The Masked Rider is sick. His Yaqui partner heads to the town of Bushwack Flats for medicine, but also finds trouble. The first ever Blue Hawk solo story.

The Black Dwarf Returns or Arsenic Is Where You Find Her In 1947 The Black Dwarf has retired. Arsenic Gaynes, one of his team, is missing. Shorty Wilson, and the rest of the team, are out to find her.

This just posted yesterday:

Not from comics. Not from the pulps. In World War Two, on some of those weird Pacific islands, learn How The Name Came Part one of at least four. (An explanation about the character will be up, in a day or two.)

Please, take a look at Let me know what you think by PM here at DCM. (I'll try to have Comments enabled on the site, soon.)

Best, & Stay Safe,

Bob / Erwin

Congrats on going public Bob.
Fingers crossed it's everything you want it to be for you.

darkmark (RIP):
I've written a Black Dwarf story for Pro Se.  Hopefully it'll get printed soon!

Ha, very cool!
More love for the BD.

Hi All,

Darkmark:  Good to hear. Did not know Pro Se was doing the Black Dwarf. I have a Skyman story pending with them.

For everybody:  Yesterday I finished the August Updates for  This included a Blog plug for the Digital Comic Museum. Now there are five stories on the site. I just added "The VOICE: Grand Opening… Under Fire."

The Voice is my signature New Pulp character. I have written over 125,000 words about him. This story has been in print three times, including the current Casebook of the Voice. It was also in on-line Pulp magazine Pulp Spirit for over eight years. You can buy both volumes of the Voice's exploits on Amazon, or directly from me, at a discount. Email me at


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