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paw broon:
The Sequential fanzine has a shiny new home, here:-
Apart from being able to buy the 'zine, there are transcriptions of interviews, articles and piles of podcasts featuring various creators in the WE ARROGANTLY RECOMMEND section, with more to follow.
Please have a look  :)

Thanks Paw!
It's a nice looking site.  I just read the Howard Chaykin interview.
I'm looking forward to seeing another arc of his comics history 'Hey Kids, Comics!' series.
Good luck to everyone with Sequential.


Nice site. I had fun checking it out, especially the UK section.

Then some irony. At the bottom of the Howard C. page is saw that the site was WordPress. I've spent quite a bit of time the last two or three weeks beating my head against the WordPress site creation interface.:-/  I hope to have my site, with some of my stories, launched in the next few days.

paw broon:
Sequential #3 is out now and available here:-
This issue has an excellent conversation with David Lloyd. An interview with that great storyteller, Sean Phillips, and a piece on those changing-into-a-completely-different-body superheroes.
Please support fanzines and buy a physical or digital copy.


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