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Seeking Old School Printing Supplies & Resources

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The Ghost Man:
Greetings all,
       I'm currently in creative collaboration with another artist who's seriously interested in tracking down and obtaining old comic printing supplies, or any and all old-school printing/publishing supplies or resources. This includes Ben Day, Craftint, print stripping materials, etc. He's already developed a method to duplicate the exact look of old color comics and is seeking to refine this process. He and I are working on a creative project to produce new creative content based upon the Golden-Age style. If anyone has any sources or leads to help him secure any of these vintage materials, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

The Ghost Man

Sounds cool!
Good luck with the project GM.

The Ghost Man:
Thanks Yoc, hope all is well.

As well as can be hoped in the current crazy world.

Stay well!

As an old school graphic designer and printer, I wish you luck!
Sounds like a fun project.


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