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Found this wikitree recently. Barbara Hall's daughter mentions her work


Here is a wikitree of Barbara Hall (Harvey Comics artist of Black Cat, Blonde Bomber, Girl Commandos fame) by her daughter Isabelle Fiske. It has an interesting tidbit or two about her mom and dad. I think Trina Robbins also interviewed her or her mom for her book Pretty in Ink.

Somebody should invite Isabelle over here to DCM and CB+ (so we could get more anecdotes on the early days of Harvey comics). ;)

Thanks HP, I'll see if she's on Facebook.



--- Quote from: Yoc on April 20, 2020, 07:59:58 AM ---Thanks HP, I'll see if she's on Facebook.


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Hi, if you’re still here and still interested here I am. I am on Facebook as Isabella Fiske McFarlin… if you wrote to me I never saw it. Anyway it what would you like to know about my mother, Barbara Hall? I am surprised at how often people cannot tell which comic she drew. I can’t always tell but her style is much more open and sensuous  than Jill Elgin’s. Plus, I think she stopped cartooning it around 1943..
I’m here and available to answer questions if you like. If you like.I am here and available to answer questions .

Hi Isabella,
Thanks for posting here again.  I failed to see your 2014 post about your mother in the art spotting thread here:

Sure, we would enjoy seeing pictures of your mother. 
I did find on posted on ComicVine.  Their bio of her is almost zero though.

A bio can be found on though.  Here's a link -

The Bail's Project listing for her is here -

And of course the GCD listings goes into much more detail.  I expect you've already found these.

We'd love to learn more if you had any links, etc to share.


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