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Which 3D comics are allowed here and which are not?


Been seeing a bunch of 3D issues from the 1950's in online shops and/or auction websites.
Which ones are currently forbidden? Didn't someone say Jumbo/Sheena 3D was forbidden? Still copyrighted?

We have two versions of the scan from the original Fiction House book.  The Blackthorne edition with the Dave Stevens cover is not allowed as a modern reprint.


The three "oddball" 3D books that aren't allowed here complete even if they might otherwise be expected, at least that I know off the top of my head:

Katy Keene 3D- renewed, although some issues of the main title from 1953 were not.

Animal Fun 3D: Features Ziggy Pig & Silly Seal, who are owned by Marvel.  Nobody seems to know at this late date how (or if) the publisher got the rights to use them, and we're not risking it.

3D Dolly:  We removed the Richie Rich story from our scan, the issue is not copyrighted but the story is a reworking of the first Richie Rich story, which is.

One of these years I'm going to create a 3D comic sub-menu so you can find all the books we have in one place.


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