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Unable to upload-Silver Streak Comics 006!
so here is a dropbox link:


I figured one of you could post it under my name for me :)

First Daredevil Appearance!
I have not done anything in years.

Years ago I bought a copy of silver streak comics 6 missing the cover and first two wraps. The Daredevil and Claw stories are complete paper.

I have raw scans of the following: If folks want to edit or improve a previous posting:

Daredevil Battles Hitler
Daredevil Comics 2
Daredevil Comics 7
Golden Lad 2
Silver Streak 2
Silver Streak 11
Silver Streak 14

Thanks Jeff!
I've sent you a Private Message on these.


I've shared a slightly upgraded version of Jeff's book.

Silver Streak Comics 06 (LevGleason1940.09)-JeffCannell -upgrade.cbz

Some of the fiche has been replaced with paper.



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