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Funny cartoon animals


 :)   I was wondering how many funny animal characters are there in the public domain? There seem to be a good hand full of them.

Hmm, never thought of that one before.
Sorry, I haven't a clue myself but maybe someone here does.


Dunno for sure, but these are probably Public Domain:

Fox: Cosmo Cat, Roscoe Bear, Charlie Chimp, Satchel the Ball Playing Alligator, Red Kamphor (a skunk), Spunky the Monkey, Gilbert the Gentle Gorilla, Sonny Seal, Buffalo Bunny.

ACG: Pedro the Rip-Snortin' Rooster, Nickie No-Stripes (a tiger), Abadaba the Groundhog, Lambie-Pie Lion, Homer Horse, Roy the Bold (a rabbit), Judge Hoot Owl, Tommy Turtle, Pinky the Pink Elephant, Jim Crow - Detective, Filbert Fox, Needles the Porcupine, Dopey Dogg, Blinkey Bloodhound, Charley Crow, Wooley Walrus.

Pines: Peter Pig, Chip Chipmunk, Simp Squirrel, Snookey Squirrel, Filbert Fox, Spotty Leopard, Charley Cat and Danny Dog, Beano Bear, Hennery Hound, Rollo Rabbit, Pansy the Chimp, Cagey Coyote, Dumb Bunny, Kid Kangaroo, Parker Penguin.

That's what I hoped would happen.
Thanks for your list Mopee.


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