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Calamity Jon:
Hi all,

As a big fan of Gus Arriola's Gordo, I finally broke down and bought myself a copy of this -- St.John's Comics Revue vol.1 No.5, exclusively featuring Gordo! Outside of a series of 1-to-5 page appearances in Tip-Top Comics, this is Gordo's only comic book incarnation. It's all reprints of the daily and Sunday strips from the newspapers. I'd love to scan and share it, but ... can I?

Comics Revue 1-4 are currently on the site, covering Ella Cinders (#1), Hap Hopper (#2), Iron Vic (#3) and Ella Cinders again (#4). What's the opinion on scanning and uploading Gordo to that set?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm.  I'm not sure at all.
Please hang on until we can get back to you.


Calamity Jon:
Will do!

Hi CJ,
Thanks for your offer but I don't think we can share it here.
But I'm told CB Plus has a United Features section and you can likely share it with them.

Thanks for reaching out with it!  Always nice to see new scans when possible.

Sorry this did not work out. I read Gordo in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch growing up.


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