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Thanks for the kind words GM.  Just remember that DCM is a huge group effort between comic buyers, scanners, editors, staff and the financial donors who keep the lights on.  All of us have done a wonderful thing here preserving these books for posterity.

I meant to say Bravo on your excellent Vintage Inkwell Academy logo!  Very classy design.  :)



--- Quote from: The Ghost Man on November 17, 2019, 01:36:18 PM ---I always found it amusing that the naming of ages started off with Platinum and began a slow degradation to lesser precious metals.

--- End quote ---
Technically it started with Golden Age (basically older comic book fans talking about the books of their childhood in the '40s). Younger fans in the '60s then started referring to their era as the Silver Age, and then people started naming other eras just to be completist about it.

Kind of like how the Baby Boom was the first named generation, but other generations started getting their own names afterwards.

I agree, Yoc. A very nice logo.

I just wonder how many of of our younger members can properly name all the items depicted in the logo.

I enjoy those videos of young kids with old tech trying to figure it out.  There's a UK show with that theme that had them write a letter and send it in the mail.  Who knew writing a letter was so complicated?  Finding a postbox or payphone has become pretty hard.


The Ghost Man:
Greetings all, I'm putting in the final touches on The Vintage Inkwell Academy blog which will debut on Thanksgiving Day (11/28/2019 for those global). It was a lot of intensely focused work that is happily nearly all done. I'm not a professional web designer or developer, so there was a sharp ramp up in skills that was required to put forth to the task. Looking forward to getting back on track with my drawing studies and training again. Stay tuned for the web address and thanks kindly to all who supported this endeavor.


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