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The Ghost Man:
Happy Holiday and greetings all, as promised, today is the debut of The Vintage Inkwell Academy the home of which is located here:

I’ve tried to pack it full of as many resources as I have discovered in my pursuit of classical instruction and other valuable comic book production information from the world of Platinum and Golden-Age comic books. My aim was to compile these tools and techniques, and share these documented sources so that other vintage-style creators could find and utilize them. To host a central repository and collaboration space that can aid those interested in training themselves and creating content derived from old-school publishing methodologies content style and creation processes. I also wanted to make it fun and foster a grounded environment to enhance their experience. To provide a space to communicate, share tips and tools as well as a support environment for those who share this same interest.

To be crystal clear, I’m not out to jump start any superficial, retro trend. The goal is to establish a new age of creative content going back to using all the vintage tools and techniques, using classical art curriculum and encouraging the fire and unfettered creativity that spawned the legendary content that The Digital Comic Museum proudly houses. It all starts with an idea, backed by the will and tenacity to transcend any and all challenges to see it through. It takes men and women of commitment, grit and determination.

Enjoy everyone, and thanks sincerely for your support!

Very nicely done GM!  Far better than I could possibly do.
Good luck on turning it into all you could want.


The Ghost Man:
Much thanks! Much gratitude to you for stopping by Yoc, more great things to come.


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