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First, thanks for this site and all the great scans of wonderful comics you've all put up for the common good!

Based on Catherine Yronwode's Spirit Checklist, I've identified over 100 Spirit Sections which are not currently on DCM, but where the Spirit story was reprinted (usually recoloured) in a comic book which is on here.

So I can read more Spirit stories in chronological order, I'm making CBXs of these issues, cut down to just the relevant pages.

I was thinking I might upload these in the Spirit Sections category, to act as placeholders until someone is able to find and scan the actual Sections; would that be allowed?

I think this would make it easier for someone like me who wants to read through all the Spirit stories which are on here, in order.

Naturally, I'd make it clear they were reprints, only contained the Spirit story, and credit the scanners etc..

Kind regards

darkmark (RIP):
Don't think that's such a good idea.  The Spirit Section section is for scans of the originals in their entirety.  We've eschewed reprints before and should do so again.

Thanks for the offer but no, modern reprints are not allowed on DCM.


Yoc, my apologies, I should've been more explicit; I'm not talking about modern reprints, but vintage reprints which I've downloaded from DCM. Police Comics, The Spirit (Quality), The Spirit (Fiction House), and The Spirit (I.W./Super) all reprinted various stories from the Spirit Sections.

Darkmark, that's fair enough, thanks for clarifying.

Do you think an archive of all the Spirit stories currently available in the various titles on DCM would perhaps be something suitable for me to upload to the DCM Archives and Collections category?

I wouldn't really want catch-all collections of Spirit stories like that, if there were gaps.  If you have enough to fill in certain runs of the series- say a three to six month stretch- without gaps, then selected collections, combining originals where possible and vintage reprints we already have at DCM where needed to fill in, might be a possibility. By basing the collections on calendar dates, you could add collections later when we turn up other usable scans.

That's just my take, at least.


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