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Scanner recs?


I haven't been able to do much comics scanning lately because my trusty Canon 8800F has been crippled by (somewhat) recent Mac software updates--the (adequate, but not much more) original software just won't work anymore, and although the Canon hardware is as strong as a horse, the company isn't supporting it anymore.  I sprang for the third-party scanning software Vuescan, and while that basically works, for some reason scans won't include the entire platen (I lose a good 1/4" all around), I hate the UI, and it won't scan slides or negatives, which was one of the scanner's strong points.

So I'm looking for a good-quality scanner that will work with current (and hopefully future) Mac software; scanning of slides/negatives would be a big plus.  My budget isn't unlimited, but I'm willing to pay for quality.  (My research on this topic has been hampered by Amazon Review Syndrome--every piece of equipment that gets good marks seems to also have a fair number of users screaming bloody murder that even brand-new ones don't work, or soon stop being recognized by the Mac.)

Any recs (or warnings about what to stay away from) would be appreciated.

Did you contact Mr. Hammerick at VueScan?
He might just fix the software if made aware of the problem!

Thanks, I may go that route if a hardware solution doesnít present itself.  The slide/negative scanning capability would be desirable, and I donít think Vuescan supports that aspect,


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