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Found the authentic back for Blue Beetle #32.

First pic is from a comic book store copy.  The replacement is another ad that I re-edited and de-colored to make it look like the original. This internal back cover would make BB #32 c2c.

Here's the BB #32 IBC ad pic.

Thanks HP!

Ok. So to go along with my other post. Here is one to complete the Rocket Kelly series. Rocket Kelly #1! Enjoy.

Nicely done HP!
I checked the file as I do everyone and noticed an extra .ds file which I removed.  Not a big deal.  The rest of the file is fine.  I noticed the cover is much smaller than the rest so I took a look around on the net.

I found a bigger version of the cover on Heritage Auctions.  May I add it to the file as well, while keeping your own also?  No problem if you want it as-is.



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