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And missing internal back cover. Enjoy!

Hi hufflepuffle,

Thanks very much for providing these fills. They are very nice, and they complete the scan. I had to rename one of the existing pages to make room for the new files: the original scan page previously named bluebeetle3423.jpg should be renamed to bluebeetle3427.jpg.

There are two other damaged pages in the current scan that could also be upgrades, if your copy of the book has them. They would be pages 3 and 4 of the Joan Mason story, for which you provide pages 1 and 2. If you could also scan those pages, then we will have no damaged pages.

Thanks again for your help in completing this issue.

Oh!  I just sent HP a link to upload them all to.

If you had those other two pages that Moose mentioned that would be great HP!


Ok, here's the last two pages. Think this completes/upgrades this one! DarkMark & Soothsayer helped me complete some other nice collections (Timely scans) elsewhere, so now I return the favor a little. http://www.sympato.ch/smileys/ola.gif

Thanks HP!


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