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Just uploaded hufflepuffle's completed version!

Thanks DM.
I'm almost done working on a version where I'm trying to make hufflepuffle's match the existing one better.
I hope you don't mind.  It's now up gang.


Ok folks, kids of all ages. I just uploaded a very much sought after Blue Beetle issue to the Fox Blue Beetle collection. One of the Jack Kamen issues I was able to find at a price I could afford and share the wealth here.  Blue Beetle #47!. Issues of this one have gone for as much as 6,000!

I didn't make a thumbnail, though or the number of the comics database link. Maybe others can. Also the back cover wasn't very good. Perhaps someone can use the HAG one if they like it better.

I should say once the staff approves it. I uploaded it to the database here with the upload link.

Thanks very much HP!  :)
I'm going to add that you used a digital camera to do this as well right?


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