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Space Ace 05 (35 of 36 pgs)


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Comic Name: Space Ace 05 (35 of 36 pgs) (23.96 MB)
Description: Space Ace 05 (35 of 36 pgs)
The one-and-only issue. Contains 5 reprints, from Manhunt issues 2, 4-7.
My copy had the back page torn out, so I've added the last story page from the original Manhunt issue, but page 32 (an ad) is missing.
A freddyfly original!
Uploaded by: freddyfly
Upload Date: 2013-03-17 06:38:37
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Comment made at: Space Ace 05 (35 of 36 pgs)
A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU!!! for this one. I have been wanting to see this one for a very long time!  Now perhaps my other MAIN WANT of Science #1 will turn up? Can only hope. Thanks again, to all of you guys for the great effort!

Comment made at: Space Ace 05 -upgrade (now c2c)
FYI, in 2019 I grabbed low-res scans of pages 34-36 from an eBay offering. Page 34 matches this file (Snakes Alive). However, page 35 (inside back cover) is an ad for Super Powerful Long Range $3.00 field glasses (Consumers Mart, Dept. 187K-250) and page 36 (back cover) is an ad for How to Fix Any Part of Any Car (Motor Book Dept. Desk 781). So make of this what you will.


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