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Space Detective 002 (inc)


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Comic Name: Space Detective 002 (inc) (15.42 MB)
Description: SpaceDetective#02 [Nov'51][Wood-Orlando]-31pgs-missing ifc,ibc,bc     -MarbleRiver scans
uploaded by Tigger
You can see a bigger, brighter scan of the IW reprint of this issue at the link above.
Uploaded by: Marble River
Upload Date: 2008-12-01 22:31:12
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Comment made at: Space Detective 002 (inc)
The production value seems to be cranked a bit on the second entry of the Avenger (Space Detective) and Teena, his beautiful helper.  The story is fairly well plotted out and once again roughly on a par with contemporary Golden Age pulp sci fi, and the story includes more of the Solar System ranging from Mercury to Saturn.  The gorgeous, but depraved and criminal, Bat Women of Mercury are the best visuals in the 3 part story about taking down the Gargoyle.  Part 3 deals with (sexually motivated and completely legal) slave trading in a rather over friendly manner--where the crime is hijacking the slaves.  Part 3 also has layouts by Wood.  The book finishes with a fairly well written Shadow Squad story about a special squad of the NYC police in the year 2000.   Interestingly illegal (hispanic) immigration (from Spain) is a key issue along with gun running in undersea cargo subs.   36 pages in all.

Comment made at: Space Detective 002 (now c2c) -upgrade
Unfortunately it says 'A Marble River Scan' on the first page of every story. On the art.

Comment made at: Space Detective 002 (now c2c) -upgrade
Yes, MR would watermark his scans but they weren't so bad as to ruin the reading experience.


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