Captain Easy 014
True Comics 046 -JVJ
Speed Comics 015 (diff ver) (c2c)
Thrilling Comics 058 (diff ver) -JVJ
Suspense Comics 003 (inc)(Edited ver) -upgrade
Lovelorn Confessions of the 072 -JVJ
Real Heroes 006 -JVJ
Super-Mystery Comics v07 006 (diff ver)(c2c) -JVJ
Black Terror 023 (Can Ed) -JVJ
True Comics 059 -JVJ
Daring Adventures 01 (3D) -JVJ
Lovelorn 044 -JVJ
Lovelorn Confessions of the 100 -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 057 -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 082 -JVJ
First Love Illustrated 047 -JVJ
Hi-School Romance 056 -JVJ
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 016 -JVJ
Young King Cole v1 004 (rescan) upgrade
Love Experiences 021 -JVJ
Wedding Bells 007
Spitfire Comics 002 (100pgs!)
True Comics 048 -JVJ
Speed Comics 018 [diff ver]-c2c
Speed Comics 018 [now c2c] -upgrade
Captain Science 002 (diff ver)(c2c) –JVJ
Weekender Comics 03
True Comics 017 -JVJ
Real Heroes 012 -JVJ
Starlet O'Hara in ACG's Cookie
Ginger 004
Ginger 002 (upgrade)
Teen-Age Romances 017 (c2c) -upgrade
Startling Comics 037 (c2c) -upgrade
Cookie 031 (now c2c)
Cookie 035 (now c2c)
U. S. Jones 01 (diff ver)(no ifc,ibc) -JVJ
Super Thriller Comics UK 021 (UK)
Soldiers of Fortune 003 (upgrade)(c2c)
Real Love 065 (upgrade)(c2c)
Lightning Comics v2 005 (c2c)(upgrade)
Super-Mystery Comics v08 005 (diff ver)(c2c) -JVJ
Cowboy Western Comics 03 (UK)
Romantic Adventures 083 -JVJ
Blue Bolt v7 09 (c2c) -JVJ
Spirit Section 1941-11-16 (Phil. Record)
Liberty Comics 010
Real Heroes 004 -JVJ
Blue Bolt v4 01 (single page ver)
Spirit Section 1941-10-19 (Phil. Record)
Romantic Adventures 088 -JVJ
Woman In Red - Archives chronological vol 2
Woman In Red - Archives chronological vol 1 (Nedor)
True Comics 016 -JVJ
True Comics 015 -JVJ
Super-Mystery Comics v08 002 (diff ver)(c2c) -JVJ
Spirit Section 1941-10-12 (Phil. Record)
Punch and Judy v1 12 -JVJ
Real Heroes 014 -JVJ
Blue Bolt v4 01 (spreads)
Super-Mystery Comics v08 001 (diff ver)(c2c) -JVJ
Diary Loves 026
Spirit Section 1941-09-28 (Phil. Record)
Glamorous Romances 077 -JVJ
Ginger 001
Blue Bolt v7 11 (now ctc) -upgrade
Love Letters 023 (upgrade) -JVJ
Joe Palooka 111
Blue Bolt v7 11 (diff ver) -JVJ
True Comics 051 -JVJ
Goofy Comics 020 (c2c) -JVJ
Lovelorn Confessions of the 106 -JVJ
Punch and Judy v02 005 -JVJ
Key Comics 05 (diff ver) -c2c
Real Heroes 003 -JVJ
Planet Comics 012 (upgrade) -JVJ
Jumbo Comics 151 -upgrade 3
Real Heroes 002 -JVJ
Ribtickler 003 (diff ver) (Norlen)
Cosmo Cat 004 (Norlen Magazines)
Amazing Mystery Funnies 20 (no ifc or centerfold)
Amazing Mystery Funnies v1 001 (no ifc)
Love Experiences 010 -JVJ
Ha Ha Comics 049 (upgrade)
Giggle Comics 049 (now c2c)
Blue Bolt v8 03 (diff ver) -JVJ
Happy Comics 020 (c2c) -JVJ
True Comics 021 -JVJ
Captain Marvel Adventures 014 (paper+9fiche)
Lovelorn Confessions of the 085 -JVJ
Katy Keene 002 (c2c) -upgrade
Blue Bolt v9 09 (#99) (upgrade) -now ctc
Blue Bolt v9 09 (#99)(c2c) -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 089 -JVJ
Punch and Judy v02 09 -JVJ
Real Love 059 -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 092 -JVJ
Happy Comics 019 (c2c) -JVJ
Marvel Family 056 (all paper) -upgrade
Personal Love v1 03 (upgrade) -JVJ
Champ Comics 022 (diff ver)
Captain Aero Comics 011 (diff ver)-c2c
Giggle Comics 056 (now c2c) -upgrade
Romantic Adventures 100 -JVJ
True Comics 044 -JVJ
Billy the Kid Adventure Magazine 14 (UK)
Hoppy the Marvel Bunny 008 (upgrade)(c2c)(damaged)
Funny Films 025 (now undamaged)
Marvel Family 025 (all paper) -upgrade
Ha Ha Comics 072 (c2c)
Feature Comics 089 (c2c)
Exciting Comics 059 [rescan] -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 105 -JVJ
Jackie Robinson 01 (nn)
Haunted Thrills 016
Punch and Judy v02 008 (diff ver)(c2c) -JVJ
Punch and Judy v02 003 (diff ver) -JVJ
Punch and Judy v01 010 (diff ver) -JVJ
Punch and Judy v01 007 (no ibc)(diff ver) -JVJ
Polly Pigtails 030 -JVJ (damaged)
Popular Teen-Agers 021
Blue Bolt 110 [inc] -JVJ
Giggle Comics 027
Flaming Love 002 -JVJ
Atomic Mouse v1 015
Sweethearts 051 (last issue safe for DCM)
Sweethearts 036
Sweethearts 046
My Little Margie 022
Timmy the Timid Ghost 011
Texas Rangers 014
Fightin Marines 026 -JVJ
Crime and Justice 025 [diff ver]
Atomic Mouse v1 018
L'il Rascal Twins 010
Masked Raider 05
Crime Does Not Pay 068 (upgrade - c2c)
Crime Does Not Pay 079 (upgrade - c2c)
Crime Does Not Pay 092 (upgrade)
Marmaduke Mouse 047
Daredevil Comics 023 (paper-upgrade)-c2c
Crime Detective v02 002 -JVJ
Glamorous Romances 070 -JVJ
Terrors of the Jungle 009 -fixed
Hello Buddies 065
Spirit Section 1948-08-29 [431](Star Ledger)-damaged
Polly Pigtails 031 -JVJ
Super-Mystery Comics v03 004 -JVJ
Super-Mystery Comics v06 003 -JVJ
Boy Comics 021 [paper]-JVJ
Spirit Section 1948-10-03 [436](Star Ledger)
Jungle Comics 102 (diff ver)
Strange Worlds 019 (diff ver)
Jackie Robinson 01 (nn)(raw)
Penny 006
Wings Comics 009 [diff ver]
Speed Comics 002 [diff ver] -JVJ
US Fighting Air Force 026
Indian Warriors 3D
Startling Comics 032 -JVJ
Exciting Comics 064 -JVJ
Black Terror 015 -JVJ
America's Funniest Comics 01_[NN] -inc
Boy Comics 030 [diff ver]-inc -JVJ
Wanted Comics 40
Wanted Comics 14
Sensational Police Cases 04
Real Clue Crime Stories v07 011
Perfect Crime 026 (damaged)
Chamber of Chills 025 (c2c)(diff ver)
Hello Buddies 069
Hello Buddies 008 [v03 n03]
Hello Buddies 051
Hello Buddies 048
Army & Navy Fun Parade 060
Behind Prison Bars 01
Amazing Adventure Funnies 01
Whiz Comics 122 (Can) -fixed
Whiz Comics 1946 giveaway -fixed
Romantic Adventures 042 -JVJ
Target Comics v04 06 (rescan) -upgrade
Teen Secret Diary 002 c2c
Teen Secret Diary 001 c2c
True Comics 038 -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 027 -JVJ
Target Comics v04 11 [rescan] upgrade
True Comics 040 -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 085 -JVJ
Real Heroes 007 -JVJ
Rock And Rollo 014 (diff ver)
Rock And Rollo 018 (diff ver)
Rock And Rollo 017 c2c
Rock And Rollo 016 (diff ver)
Fun Time 03
Real Love 060 -JVJ
Love Letters 044 -JVJ (upgrade)
Truth About Comic Books
True Life Secrets 008 c2c
Love Letters 042 -JVJ (upgrade)
Black Fury 021 (diff ver)
Black Fury 020 c2c
Black Fury 019 c2c
Black Fury 017 c2c
Black Fury 015 c2c
Black Fury 014 c2c
Black Fury 013 c2c
Black Fury 012 c2c
Black Fury 011 c2c
Black Fury 010 c2c
Black Fury 009 c2c
Black Fury 008 c2c
Black Fury 007 c2c
Black Fury 006 c2c
Black Fury 005 c2c
Black Fury 004 c2c
Black Fury 003 c2c
Black Fury 002 c2c
Giggle Comics 048
Frank Thomas Archives Text Extras Only (Centaur+Dell) -fixed
Frank Thomas Archives v1 - Centaur Years (Centaur) -fixed
Frank Thomas Archives v2 - The Complete Eye (Centaur) -fixed
Frank Thomas Archives v3 - The Complete Owl Pt.1 (Dell) -fixed
Frank Thomas Archives v3 - The Complete Owl Pt.2 (Dell) -fixed
Frank Thomas Archives v4 - Billy and Bonny Bee (Dell) -fixed
Real Heroes 016 -JVJ
Exciting Comics 037 (200dpi) -upgrade
Target Comics v03 11 (rescan) -upgrade
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 019 -JVJ
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 014 -JVJ
Love at First Sight 004 -JVJ
Aggie Mack 001
Joe Palooka 049
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 018 -JVJ
Real Love 061 -JVJ
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 027 -JVJ
All For Love v2 02
Glamorous Romances 068 -JVJ
Wedding Bells 001 -JVJ
Lena Pry 1938-1943 mix
Love Secrets 052 -JVJ
Love Lessons 05 [no cf] -JVJ
My Personal Problem 004
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 028 -JVJ
Happy Comics 013 (diff ver) -JVJ
Glamorous Romances 065 -JVJ
Polly Pigtails 003 -JVJ
Danny Blaze 002 (diff ver)
Danny Blaze 001 (diff ver)
Jumbo Comics 116 (diff ver)
Love Diary 007 (diff ver)
Love Diary 005 (diff ver)
Love Diary 001 (diff ver)
Love Diary 004 (diff ver)
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 016 (last issue safe for DCM)
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 015 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 014 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 013 (diff ver)
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 012 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 011 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 010 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 009 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 006 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 005 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 004 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 003 c2c
Secrets Of Love And Marriage 002 c2c
Girls in Love 053 -JVJ
Love at First Sight 017 -JVJ
Love at First Sight 018 -JVJ
Love at First Sight 020 -JVJ
Love Experiences 025 -JVJ
Love Experiences 008 -JVJ
Real Love 062 -JVJ
Ten-Story Love v31 01 (187) -JVJ
Ten-Story Love v30 05 (185) -JVJ
Ten-Story Love v30 06 (186) -JVJ
First Romance Magazine 022 -JVJ
First Romance Magazine 014 -JVJ
First Romance Magazine 026 -JVJ
First Romance Magazine 041 (diff ver)(c2c)-JVJ
First Romance Magazine 016
Teen-Age Brides 006 (diff ver) -c2c
Catholic Comics v3 #01 -fixed
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 031 -JVJ
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 030 -JVJ
Hi-School Romance 033 (diff ver) -JVJ
First Love Illustrated 069 -JVJ
Lovelorn Confessions of the 077 -JVJ
Lovelorn Confessions of the 064 -JVJ
Lovelorn Confessions of the 059 -JVJ
Weird_Comics_013 (now c2c)(ifc upgrade) -JVJ
Girls in Love 052 -JVJ
Coo Coo Comics 037 -JVJ
Romantic Adventures 091
Ten-Story Love v32 03 (189) -JVJ
Ten-Story Love v32 04 (190) -JVJ
Love Problems and Advice Illustrated 017 -JVJ
Startling Comics 051 (now c2c) -upgrade